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Jul 11, 2014

Perfume travel size for men and women

Bvlgari aqva homme marine 15ml edt (spray) with casing -RM60 available

Bvlgari aqva homme 15ml edt (spray) with casing -RM60 available

Giorgio Armani aqua di gio 20ml travel -RM70 available

Giorgio Armani  code black 20ml travel -RM70 available

Gucci premier 8ml travel spray -RM45 available
Givenchy play men edt pour homme 12.5ml-RM50 available

Gucci  guilty black 8ml travel spray -RM45 available

Hermes eau de narcisses bleu 15ml sprayRM45 available

Hugo boss red travel 8ml -RM45 available

Leau issey pour homme 15ml -RM60 available

JPG le male edt 9ml -RM45 available

YSL la nuit de l homme 10ml spray-RM50 available

Burberry brit edp 15ml spray with nice casing- -RM60 available

Burberry Brit rhythm 30ml--RM120 available

Bvlgari Omnia coral 15ml spray --RM60 available

ck eternity aqua women 6ml roller ball -RM40 available

Ck eternity women 15ml spray-RM50 available

CK downtown 10 ml rollet ball - -RM45 available

CK downtown 15ml spray--RM50 available

CK endless euphoria 15ml -RM50 available

ckeuphoria 15ml edp spray-RM50 available

CK sheer beauty 10ml roller ball -RM50 available

Clinique happy 5ml (spray)-RM32 available

Davidoff coolwater searose  edt 30ml--RM105 available

D&G intense edp  6ml --RM45 available

Escada born in paradise 7.4ml spray -RM50 available

Escada elixir 7.4ml (spray) --RM50 available

Giorgio Armani code women 20ml --RM70 available

Giorgio armani acqua di gioia 20ml- -RM70

Gucci guilty black 7.4ml spray --RM50 available

Lanvin Jeanne Couture with purse 7.5ml-RM45 available

Lacoste eau de lacoste sensualle edp (spray) 7.4ml- -RM50 available

Hugo boss jour pour femme 7.4ml spray-RM50 available

Hugo boss nuit pour femme 7.4ml spray-RM50 available

Leau d issey 10ml (spray) --RM60 available

Leau d issey 10ml (spray) florale --RM60 available

Lolita lempicka 10ml edp spray &
Lolita lempicka 10ml edt spray
 -RM85 available

Narciso rodriguez edt 10ml spray RM50 available

Rihanna Reb'e fleur 15ml spray-RM50 available ( no box)

Salvatore ferragamo incanto shine 30ml --RM105  available

Taylor swift enchanted womderstruck 10ml spray --RM50 available

YSL parisienne 10ml travel purse (spray) --RM50 available

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