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May 6, 2014

Burberry Brit Rhythm for her

-perfume info-
This is the first fragrance by Burberry that has lavender as central note that plays the main role in the composition. English lavender is much more aromatic that the French lavender and its shades in this composition are more prominent. Creator's and perfumer’s wish was to use the typical ingredient arriving from England . She also adds that the new Burberry perfume has a fundamental paradox in its essence – confrontation of spicy ingredients such as pink pepper and floral notes of Petalia playing till the base notes. Scent of peony evokes youth and is somewhat lighter that the scent of rose and the effect of the new Givaudan molecule provides the feeling that you are in a cloud of peony petals!

Burberry Brit Rhythm for her 5ml RM35 available

Burberry Brit Rhythm for her 30ml RM120 available

Burberry Brit Rhythm for her 90ml RM210 (pre order 3-5 working days)

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