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Oct 27, 2015

Ralph Lauren Ralph Fresh women

Ralph Lauren has launched Ralph Fresh, a new fragrance in the youth-oriented Ralph by Ralph Lauren series that includes Ralph HotRalph Rocksand Ralph Wild.Ralph Fresh is a refreshing and free-spirited women's scent, inspired by a cool, sparkling lemon sorbet. With blooming magnolia, sparkling lemon and chilled watermelon ingredients, Ralph Fresh captures Ralph Lauren's love of playfulness and zest for life. Additional notes include freesia, rose, dry woods, musk and orris.

Ralph Lauren Ralph Fresh women 100ml EDT ( TESTER /WITH BOX N CAP)- RM195

I just bought this from the Ralph Lauren website and I must say that I adore this scent!!! It is similar to the original Ralph from 2000, but this IMO is better. This is fresher, and has a more delicate vibe to it. I can definitely detect some similar notes like the magnolia, so it has that "Ralph" feel, but it's different enough where if you already have the original you could still purchase this one and no one would mistaken either of them for one another. Great job, Ralph Lauren!

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