Iza Perfumeberry

Jul 10, 2013

List of mini available for July

 Aigner Black 5ml for women RM35  available 

Etinenne Aigner Pour Femme 6ml RM35 
Aigner Starlight (W) edp 6ml RM32  available

Aigner Too Feminine 5ml  RM32 

*latest* Nuit étoilée by annick goutal 10ml spray RM75 available

travel purse spray 10ml ( refillable) petite cherie ( limited)- RM95   RM80 offer available

petite cherie by Annick Goutal EDT 15ml RM75  available

amber fetiche by Annick Goutal EDT 15ml RM 65 available 

Mandragore by Annick Goutal EDT 15ml RM 65  available 
Un Mantin D'orage by Annick Goutal EDT 15ml RM 65 available 
Songes by Annick Goutal EDT 15ml RM 65   available 
 eaud hadrien by Annick Goutal EDT 15ml RM 65 available 

Anna sui dolly girl 5ml edt RM35 available

Anna sui secret wish 5ml edt RM35 available

Anna Sui  Flight of fancy EDT 4ml RM35 available 

Anna Sui Forbidden Affair (W) EDT 4ml RM35 

Anna Sui Rock Me Summer of Love EDT (W) 5ml RM35  available 

Anna Sui Rock Me EDT (W) 5ml RM35   available

 bebe  edp 10ml dab on RM45 available

bebe  sheer edp 10ml dab on RM45 available

bebe  gold edp 10ml dab on RM45 available

 bebe sheer edp 15ml spray RM55 available

Jaipur bracelet by boucheron edp 5ml RM36 available

Burberry body 10ml roll on edp RM70

Burberry (W) edp 4.5ml RM29  available

Burberry Weekend 4.5ml EDP (W)  RM29 available

burberry brit sheer spray 7.5ml  RM40 available
*offer*  or buy set RM105  RM95 only

 Burberry body edp 4.5ml RM35  available
 Burberry body edt 4.5ml RM35  available
Burberry body  tendre 4.5ml RM35  available
Burberry  London (W) edp 4.5ml RM29  available
Burberry Brit (W) EDT 4.5ml - RM29  available

Burberry Brit Sheer edt 4.5ml RM29  available

Burberry (W) edp 4.5ml RM29  available
Burberry Brit (W) EDT 5ml  RM29  available
Burberry The Beat (W) EDT 5ml  RM29  available
Burberry Weekend 4.5ml EDP (W)  RM29 available

Bvlgari rose essential (W) edp 5ml  RM35 available

Bvlgari blv II (W) edp 5ml  RM35 available

Bvlgari Mon Jasmin Noir (W) edp 5ml  RM35 available
Bvlgari  Jasmin Noir (W) edp 5ml  RM35 available
Bvlgari Omnia Coral  (W) edt 5ml RM35  available
Bvlgari Omnia Crystalline (W) edt 5ml RM32  available

Bvlgari Omnia amethyst EDT 5ml RM32  available

Bvlgari pour femme EDP (W) 5ml RM35 available

blv by Bvlgari  EDP (W) 5ml RM35
Bvlgari Mon Jasmin Noir  10ml  spray RM55 available

Bvlgari  Jasmin Noir  10ml  spray RM55 available

Bvlgari BLV11 edp 10ml  spray RM55 available

Bvlgari mon jasmin noir l'eau exquise   EDT (W) 10ml (spray) RM55  

 Bvlgari omnia crystalline  EDT (W) 10ml (spray) RM55   

 Bvlgari omnia coral  EDT (W) 10ml (spray) RM55  

 Bvlgari omnia amethyste  EDT (W) 10ml (spray) RM55  


ck one shock for her 20ml -spray RM55 available 

*LATEST*Eternity Aqua women by ck 6ml roll on- RM40 available

 ck beauty sheer her edt roller 10ml RM55  available
ck one shock for her edt roller 10ml RM50  
CKIn2u Herby calvin klein EDT 15ml RM50 available 
Calvin Klein Euphoria (W) EDP 15ml RM50 (spray)  available
ck beauty 15ml spray with pouch and mirror  (W) edp- RM55 RM55  available

ck beauty 15ml spray  (W) edp- RM50  available

Secret Obsession by Calvin Klein EDP 10ml+ lotion 30ML RM50  

*offer*  ck Euphoria mini set RM60
Calvin Klein Euphoria (W) EDP 15ml (spray)-RM50
CK Euphoria Sensual Skin Lotion (W) 30ml -RM15 

Leau CH by carolina herrera 8ml RM38  available

Carolina Herrera 212 edt 5ml (dab on) -RM35 available

 212 VIP by Carolina Herrera 5ml Edp RM35  available

Carolina Herrera 212  sexy edt 5ml (dab on) -RM35  available

Carolina Herrera edp 10ml roll on RM55 with leather pouch available

Carolina Herrera women  8ml (dab on) -RM38

*offer *Chacharel scarlett edt 20ml RM55  RM45 only spray available

Eau de cartier essence d orange edt  15ml -spray RM50 


Dior addict eau fraiche 5ml  RM42  
Christian Dior Miss Dior Cherie blooming bouquet W) EDP 3ml (dab on) -
RM40  available

*LIMITED EDITION *Christian Dior Miss Dior Cherie blooming bouquet W) EDP 7.5ml -RM75  available
Dior Addict 2 by Dior (W) EDT 5ml RM42 
Jadore by C edp5ml RM40 


My little collection Chloe 20ml (spray) RM140 available

Seeby chloe 7.5ml RM42 available

Love, Chloe Eau De Parfum 5ml  RM35 available
Chloe (W) EDP 5ml 35  available
Leau Chloe (W) EDP 5ml 35  available
 Love chloe eau de intense  4ml RM35 available
 Chloe (W) ED rollerball -RM65  

Love chloe with mini pouch  RM40  available 

Leau de chloe mini set  - RM45   out of stock
mini leau d chloe 5ml -RM35

leau chloe hand cream  RM15

CHLOE mini set RM65 available
miniature chloe 5ml edp(no box) -RM35
lotion miniature 30ml -RM38

*offer*  Love, Chloe EDP  RM60 available
Miniature love chloe 5ml edp-RM35
lotion love chloe 30ml RM35

CLEAN Fresh Laundry 6ml edp  RM35 

CLEAN Warm Cotton 6ml edp  RM35

CLEAN Cotton T shirt 6ml edp RM35 available
CLEAN Shower Fresh 6ml edp  RM35 available

Clinique Happy 5ml (spray)-RM32 available


Coach poppy  EDP 5ml -RM38  available
Coach poppy  EDP 100ml -RM220  pre order

Coach edt 5ml -RM35 available
Coach edt 50ml -RM175 pre order


Davidoff coolwater 5ml edt- RM35 available

Davidoff coolwater 30ml edt- RM100 available

Davidoff Cool water (W) 15ml- spray-RM50 available


Loverdose by diesel spray 7ml-RM45 available


Desire the one by dolce and gabbana 5ml edp- RM36 available
Desire the one by dolce and gabbana 75ml edp ( pre order) - RM245

D&G light blue edt 4.5mlRM29 
D&G light blue edt 7.4ml spray RM50

D&G 3 LeL'imperatrice 5ml EDT RM32 available  

D&G no 3 limperatice 10ml spray RM45   available

Dolce & Gabbana Rose The One (W) 5ml EDP RM35 available

Dolce & Gabbana Rose The One (W) roll on 6ml EDP RM45 available

Dolce & Gabbana One (W) 5ml EDP RM35 available
D&G 1 Le Bateleur  10ml spray EDT RM45  available
D&G 6 L'amoureaux 10ml spray EDT RM45  available
D&G 10 La Roue de la fortune spray EDT RM45  available
D&G 11 Laforce 10ml spray EDT RM45  available
D&G 18 La Lune 10ml spray EDT RM45  available 

*offer* D&G Rose  the one set 1-RM70 available
D&G  rose the one 5ml -RM35
lotion D&G rose  the one 100ml(full size) -RM45

*offer* D&G Rose  the one set 2-RM90 available
D&G rose the one roll on RM50
lotion D&G rose  the one 100ml(full size) -RM45

*offer* D&G Rose  the one set 3-RM120 available

D&G  rose the one 5ml -RM35

D&G rose the one roll on RM50

lotion D&G rose  the one 100ml(full size) -RM45


*new* DKNY fresh blossom eau so intense 7ml ( miniature)
RM45 available

*new* DKNY be delicious eau so intense 7ml ( miniature)
RM45 available

*new*  DKNY pure  A drop of rose 7ml edp-RM40 -available

DKNY Fresh Blossom 7ml (W) EDP RM45  RM40 available
DKNY gold Delicious (W) EDP 7ml -RM40 available
DKNY Be Delicious (W) EDP 7ml -RM40 available
DKNY pure 7ml edp-RM40 -available

DKNY be delicious mini set-
 mini+lotion 50ml RM65 available

*offer* DKNY be delicious mini set-
 mini+lotion 30ml RM50 available

DKNY  pure mini set-
 mini+lotion 30ml RM55 available

Mediteranneanby  Elizabeth Arden edp 5ml RM32

Pretty by Elizabeth Arden 10ml EDP spray -RM50  available 

Pretty by Elizabeth Arden 5ml EDP  (no box ) - RM32 

Elie Saab Le Parfum EDP 7.5ml RM40 available
* latest* Elie Saab Le Parfum EDP 7.5ml RM40 available

Elie Saab Le Parfum 10ml spray with Little Pouch RM50 

Elie saab 10ml spray edt-RM50 available


Estee Lauder Pleasures  eau fraiche (W) EDP 5ml RM30 available

Estee Lauder Sensuous (W) edp 4ml- RM32 available 
 Estee Lauder Sensuous  Nude (W) edp 4ml- RM32 available 

Estee Lauder Pleasures (W) EDP 5ml RM29 available 
Estee Lauder Pleasures Bloom  (W) EDP 5ml RM29 available 
*offer* buy both RM50 only

Estee Lauder Beautiful (W) EDP 4.7ml- RM32 available 


Escada cherry in the air 4ml edt RM36 available 

Escada taj sunset 4ml edt RM36 available 
Escada taj sunset 50 ml edt RM160 available 

escada rocking rio edt 4ml RM36 available 

escada sexy graffiti edt 4ml RM35  available 
escada marine groove edt 4ml RM36  available 

escada magnatism 4ml edt-RM35 no stock

Escada especially delicate notes 7.4ml spray RM50 available

*offer* Escada Signature set- mini 7.5ml+ lotion 50ml RM60  RM50 only available 

fan di fendi 4ml RM35  available  

Acqua di Gioa by Giorgio Armani 5mlRM35  available 

Acqua di gioia  byGiorgio Armani 20ml spray RM70 available

Giorgio Armani code women 20ml spray RM70 available

 Givenchy Le Bouquet Absolu (w) edt RM35 available

Givenchy Ange ou Demon edp 4ml (dab-on) -RM30 available
Givenchy ange au demon Le secret elixir  EDP (W) RM30   available
Givenchy ange au demon Le secret EDP (W) RM30 available
Eaudemoiselle de Givenchy EDT 4mlRM35 available
Givenchy absolute  Irresistible edp 4ml (dab-on) –RM29  available
Givenchy Very Irresistible 4ml edt (dab on)- RM30  available
GIVENCHY Very Irresistible  L intense edp 4ml (dab-on) –RM30   available
Givenchy Play  for her(W ) EDT 5ml RM35 

*new* Gucci premier  by Gucci (W) EDP 5ml RM38  available

 Gucci Flora (W) Edt 5ml- RM40 available
 Gucci Flora (W) Eau fraiche 5ml- RM40 available 
 Gucci Flora (W) Edp  5ml- RM42 

 Gucci Flora Gracious Tuberose  EDT 5ml RM43 available
 Gucci Flora Gorgeous Gardenia  EDT 5ml RM43 available
 Gucci Flora Glamorous Magnolia  EDT 5ml RM43 available
Gucci by Gucci (W) EDP 5ml RM32 available
Gucci by Gucci (W) EDT 5ml RM32 available

Gucci Guilty EDT 5ml RM35  available

 Gucci Guilty Intense  EDP 5ml RM35  

*offer*  Gucci Guilty Set- mini +lotion 50ml RM50 available

Flora by Gucci Gracious Tuberose set RM65 available
mini 5ml edt RM43
lotion 50ml RM30

*offer* Gucci flora set A RM55 available
Gucci Flora (W) EDT 5ml- RM40
Perfumed  lotion 50ml -RM30
Gucci flora set B RM70 available
Gucci Flora (W) EDT 5ml- RM40
Perfumed  lotion 100ml -RM45

Gucci guilty spray 7.4ml spray RM50  available
Gucci  flora eau fraiche 7.4ml spray RM50 available
 Gucci by Gucci EDP 6ml (spray) RM45 available


*latest* Hermes jour d 'Hermes 7.5ml edp RM40  available

*latest* Hermes L'ambre des merveilles 15ml RM60 only available

 *offer* Hermes Un Jardin sur le toit  Eau De Toilette 7.5ml + body lotion 50ml set RM60 RM50 available

 Hermes Un Jardin sur le toit  Eau De Toilette 7.5ml dab on RM40 available

Kelly Caleche by Hermes 7.5ml EDT  RM40 available
Hermes Kelly Caleche EDT 15ml (spray) RM55 available
Voyage d'Hermes by Hermes 5ml Edt RM40 available
Concentre d'Orange Verte by Hermes 7.5ml Edt  RM40 available
Hermes Eau Des Merveilles edt 7.5ml (dab-on) with pendant -RM35  available
Hermes Un Jardin Sur Le Nil Eau De Toilette Spray 15ml RM55 out of stock

hugo boss women 5ml RM32 available

Pleats Please edt by issey miyake women 7.5ml  RM43 available

L'eau D'issey by Issey Miyake 10ml EDT  florale (W) -RM60   available

L'eau D'issey by Issey Miyake 10ml EDT (W) -RM60 available
A scent by Issey Miyake  florale (W) EDT7.5 ml RM40  
A scent by Issey Miyake (W) EDT7.5 ml RM40 available


viva rock by john richmond edt 4.5ml  RM36  available


Someday by Justin Beiber 7.4ml (mini size) RM40 available


*offer* Jean Paul Gaultier Classic (W) EDT 7.5ml RM50 RM45 available
JPG ma dame edt 4ML RM32  out of stock
JPG classique edt 3.5ml  RM32 available
couple set RM60 Available
jean paul gaultier classique men 3.5 ml
jean paul gaultier classique women 3.5 ml

 Viva la juicy la fleur edt 5ml RM40  Available
Peace Love by  Juicy Couture (W) EDP 5ml RM35  available
Couture Couture by Juicy Couture (W) 5ml EDP 5ml RM38 

Juicy Couture parfum  (W) EDP 5ml RM35  available

Viva la Juicy by Juicy Couture (W) 7.4ml - RM35 out of stock


Jimmy Choo EDP 4.5ml EDP RM 35 available
Jimmy Choo  flash EDP 4.5ml EDP RM 35 available

 Kenzo Flower TAG (W) EDT 4ml RM30 available

 Kenzo Flower (W) EDT 4ml RM29 available

kenzo madly edp 4ml RM30 available

kenzo madly edt 4ml RM30 available

 Lacoste Joy of Pink EDT 15ml (spray)  RM50 available

Lacoste Touch of Pink 15ml EDT (spray)   RM50

 Lancome Tresor Midnight Love edp 5ml RM35  available ( no box)

Lancome Tresor In Love edp 5ml RM35  available ( no box)
Lancome tresor in love 7ml edp spray RM40 available ( no box)

Lancome Miracle(W) EDP 5ml- RM35 available   ( no box) 
Lancome miracle with lotion -RM55  available   ( no box) 
Lancome Hypnose 5ml edp RM35 ( no box)  available 

Lancome Magnifique (W) EDP 5ml -RM30   available 

 Jeanne Couture by Lanvin RM35 only  available
Lanvin jeanne 5ml edp RM32 available
Lanvin Marry me  5ml edp RM35 available
Eclat d’Arpège Lanvin for women 5ml RM29 available

Lolita Lempicka 5ml Edt RM40  available

Loewe i loewe you edt 7ml RM35 available

Loewe i loewe you tonight edt 7ml RM35 available

Loewe edp Quizas Quiza Quizas edp 7ml RM35 available

Loewe edp Quizas Quiza Quizas edt 7ml RM35 available 

 oh LOLA! by Marc Jacobs (w) EDP 4ml RM43  RM40 only available
LOLA by Marc Jacobs (w) EDP 4ml  RM40 only available
 Marc Jacob Daisy (W) Eau so fresh  4ml RM35 available
Marc Jacob Daisy (W) EDT 4ml RM35  available

dot by marc jacob 4ml edp RM40 available

Marc jacob daisy edt RM50 available
daisy edt 4ml-RM35
lotion 30ml-RM20

Marc jacob daisy so fresh RM50 available
daisy  so fresh  4ml-RM35
lotion 30ml-RM20

Marc jacob daisy so fresh 6ml roll on edt RM55 available

Marc jacob lola roll on 6ml edt RM55

Max Mara leParfum 5ml edp RM35


Moschino Cheap and Chic hippy fizz (W) EDT 4.9ml RM29
Moschino Cheap and Chic (W) EDT 4.9ml RM29 
Moschino Cheap and Chic Light clouds (W) EDT 4.9ml RM29 
 Moschino pink bouquet  (W) EDP 5ml RM35 available

Moschino Glamour (W) EDP 5ml RM35 available
Moschino Tourjours Glamour (W) EDP 5ml RM35  available 
Moschino Funny EDT (W) 4ml RM32 out of stock
Moschino Couture  EDP  (W) 4ml RM32 available 

Mont blanc legend pour femme 4.5ml edp RM35 available

Femme de Mont Blanc EDT 5ml RM35

Narciso Rodriguez for her edt 7.5ml (dab-on) -RM35 available
Narciso Essense  Rodriguez for her edp 7.5ml (dab-on) -RM35 available
Narciso Rodriguez for her edp 7.5ml (dab-on) -RM35 available
Narciso Rodriguez for her  edt delicate limited edition 7.5ml - RM35 available

Mademoiselle Ricci Nina 4ml EDT (dab-on)-RM36 available

Nina Ricci Nina 4ml EDT (dab-on)-RM35 available

Ricci Ricci by  Nina Ricci  4ml EDT (dab-on)-RM35 available

Paris hilton tease 10ml roll on -RM50- RM40 only available
Paris hilton  heiress edp 7.5ml RM40 only  out of stock

Lady Million by Paco Rabbane EDP 5mL RM42  available 

Lady Million by Paco Rabbane EDT 5mL RM40  available 

PAUL SMITH Londonfor  Women 5ml edt RM32  available  

PAUL SMITH Extreme Women 5ml edt RM32  available  

 PAUL SMITH WOMAN 5mt edtp RM32  available 

Prada candy 7ml edp RM40 available

Prada for Women (EDP) 7ml RM35 available
Prada L'eau Ambre EDP 7mlRM35 available
Prada Milano infusion d'iris RM35 available
Prada Milano infusion d'iris 10ml roll on with leather pouch RM55 out of stock

Ralph lauren romance 15ml spray RM65 available
Ralph Lauren Romance (W) EDP 7ml RM30 available
Ralph Lauren Ralph (W) EDT 7ml RM32 

Rebelle by rihanna 7.5ml edp RM35 available


Just Cavalli by roberto cavalli 5ml   RM36 available

Roberto Cavalli edp 5ml RM36 available

Aura EDP 5ml RM45  available

Sarah Jessica Parker COVET edp 5ml (dab on) -RM32  


* latest* Signorina edt 5ml  RM40 available
Salvatore Ferragamo F for Fascinating (W) EDT 5ml RM32  available
 Attimo by Salvatore Ferragamo EDP 5ml RM35 available
Attimo  leau florale by Salvatore Ferragamo EDP 5ml RM35  available

Salvatore Ferragamo F for Fascinating Night  (W) EDT 5ml RM35  available 

Salvatore Ferragamo Incanto Bloom(W) edt 5ml (dab-on)-RM35  available 

Salvatore Ferragamo signorina W) edt 5ml (dab-on)-RM36  available


* latest* S.T Dupont Essence Pure Ice Pour Femme RM32 RM25 available


Unforgivable Women By Sean John EDT (W) 15ml (spray)-RM50 available

Taylor Swift

*latest*  taylor swift wonderstruck 10ml roll on RM55 available

Angel by Thierry Mugler 5ml (W) EDP -dab on RM50   available
Angel by Thierry Mugler 5ml (W) EDT -dab on RM45   available
Womanity by  Thierry Mugler 5ml EDP (W)-dab on RM40  available
Alien by Thierry mugler (W) EDT 6ml RM40  available

*offer* Paradise Inferno (pink) by United colors of benetton 6m  RM25 available

Valentina assoluto EDP by Valentino 4ml edp RM35 available

Valentina EDP by Valentino 4ml edp RM35 available

 Versace yellow diamond 5ml -RM35 available 

Vanitas by versace 4.5ml EDP RM35  available 
Vanitas by versace 4.5ml EDT  RM35  available 

Versace Versense (W) EDT 5ml RM35  available
Versace Crystal Noir (W) EDT 5ml RM35   available 

Versace Bright Crystal (W) EDT 5ml- RM35  available 

Vera wang parfum 4ml with lotionRM32 available
Vera Wang bouquet parfum 5ml (W) RM32 available
 Vera Wang Look parfum elixir 5ml RM32 available
Vera Wang Truly Pink EDP 4ml RM32  available

Vera Wang Princess EDT (W) 3ml -(roll on) with body lotion 30ml 
RM45 available


Vince camuto edp 7.5ml RM40 available


YSL manifesto 7.5ml edp RM40 available 
YSL saharienne edp refillable spray 10ml RM55 RM50  available

ysl manifesto edp refillable spray 10ml RM50 available
ysl parisienne edp refillable spray 10ml RM50 available

Belle d opioum edp 7.5ml RM35  available

ysl baby doll 5ml RM35  available

elle by ysl edp 7.5ml -RM40 available

MEDIUM SIZE-  30ml ( new in box) 
Cosmic radiance 30ml RM100 - ready stock

212 Glam carolina herrera 60ml edp RM150  - ready stock
Lancome la Vie est belle 30ml RM150 - pre order

Attimo leau florale 30ml edp  RM100 - ready stock

list of 50ml perfume 
Coach signature 50ml  RM175 available

ch 212 vip 50ml RM145 available
ck euphoria blossom 50ml  RM155 available
ck eternity women 50ml- RM145 available
dkny be delicious 50ml RM175 available
dkny fresh blossom 50ml RM175 available
Escada taj sunset 50ml - RM160 available
Estee lauder pleasures 50ml RM150 available
Estee lauder pleasures  bloom 50ml RM150 available
Estee lauder pleasures  delight 50ml RM150 available
Estee lauder pleasures  fraiche 50ml RM150 available
Estee lauder very estee  50ml RM165 available
Estee lauder pure white linen breeze 50ml RM160 available
 Giorgio Armani gioia  50ml edp RM160 available
 Giorgio Armani gioia essenza 50ml edp RM175 available
Gucci envy me 50ml RM200 available
Gucci guilty 50ml RM210 available
Gucci premier edp 50ml RM215 available
Guerlain Idylle 50ml -RM170 available
Lanvin Marry me love edition 50ml RM160 - out of stock
Lancome tresor midnight love  50ml RM170 available
Lancome tresor in love 50ml RM170 available
Lancome la vie est belle 50ml RM200 pre order
Lancome miracle 50ml RM175 available
Marc jacob lola 50ml - RM185 available
Marc jacob daisy 50ml - RM180 available

note: if strike , no stock at this moment ( update 4th june 2013)

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