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Feb 19, 2013

d&g l'impreratrice pour femme perfume

Perfume review
This fragrance is MAGICAL. It is slightly sweet, fruity and ultra feminine! but not sweet in a gourmand or synthetic way. it is delightfully fruity & fresh beyond belief! i am a fruity floral lover, but even that aside, D&G No.3 is exquisite. the crisp & enlivening freshness features quite prominently and stays for a while, which is surprising. This is a unique fragrance in my opinion & is every bit as ozonic & mouth-watering as the notes suggest. I get a lot of the watermelon, cyclamen (smells like an ultra fresh rose) & kiwi. 

d&g no 3 l'impreratrice pour femme 100ml 

d&g no 3 l'impreratrice pour femme 8ml (spray)

D&G 3 L'imperatrice EDT (dab on)

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