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Jun 3, 2012

[full size] Pure White Linen Coral Pink -retail box

Romantic floral edition Pure White Linen Coral Pink is a new fragrance by the house of Estee Lauder and it was introduced in 2009 as a reminder of sunny days by the sea.
It includes aromas of Chinese berries, apple blossom and pink pepper. A heart is dominated by seductive accents of jasmine, cherry blossom, pink peony, while base notes introduce sandalwood, vanilla and heliotrope.

Estee Lauder Pure white linen pink coral 100ml
new offer- RM190 with postage

Perfume's Review from fragantica.com
1)I am a romantic at heart, and this is one of the most romantic fragrances I know. It smells "pink" without just smelling like roses. It is not "provoking", but that does not mean it cannot stir up emotions! For me, it reminds me of the romantic I am inside, the side I rarely show to people.

2)It's casusal and in the same time elegant, romantic - that's a good word to describe it. It smells of a beautiful bouquet of flowers - very floral and very delicate. 

3)Beautiful, light,youthful,elusive,pure,fresh with sweet note, clean, I adore this perfume.It makes me happy!!! I always get compliments from a lot of people. 

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