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Dec 21, 2011

Promotion Y.E.S - mini perfume set ( until end of december)

new additional set (restock)
Lola by marc jacob 4ml edp RM40
oh Lola by marc jacob 4ml edt RM43
buy both RM80

 lady million by paco rabbane 5ml edp -RM42
pac rabbane 1 million 5ml edt-RM42
buy both RM80

pretty by elizebeth arden  10ml spray RM50
lotion pretty elizebeth arden 100ml (full size) RM50
buy set RM80 only


CHLOE mini set
miniature chloe 5ml edp(no box) -RM35
lotion miniature 30ml -RM38
buy set RM65 only

 Love, Chloe EDP 
Miniature love chloe 5ml edp-RM35
lotion love chloe 30ml RM35
buy set - RM60 only 

ck Euphoria mini set
Calvin Klein Euphoria (W) EDP 15ml (spray)-RM50
CK Euphoria Sensual Skin Lotion (W) 30ml -RM15 
Buy set :RM60 only

DKNY be delicious mini set

 dkny be delicious 7ml edp-RM40
lotion dkny be delicious 50ml -RM35
buy set- RM69 only RM65 

D& G Light Blue Set
Miniature D&G light blue 4.5ml edt-RM29
Lotion 100ml D&G light blue RM45
buy set : RM60 only

D&G Rose  the one set
D&G  rose the one 5ml -RM35
lotion D&G rose  the one 100ml(full size) -RM45
buy set: RM70

D&G the one set
D&G the one 5ml -RM35
lotion D&G the one 100ml( full size)-RM45
buy set: RM70

Gucci flora set A
Gucci Flora (W) EDT 5ml- RM40
Perfumed  lotion 50ml -RM30
 out of stock

Gucci flora set B
Gucci Flora (W) EDT 5ml- RM40
Perfumed  lotion 100ml -RM45
 Buy set :RM70 only

 Gucci Flora Mini Set C
Gucci Flora (W) EDT 5ml- RM40 
Shower gel 50ml -RM25
Gucci flora perfume body lotion 100ml-RM45
out of stock

Gucci Guilty Set
Miniature gucci guilty 5ml RM35
Lotion 50ml gucci guilty- RM25
buy set :RM50 

Gucci by gucci mini set
Gucci by gucci edp 5ml -RM32
lotion gucci by gucci 50ml- RM25
buy set: RM50

Lancome miracle set
Lancome miracle 5ml edp-RM35
lotion 50ml lancome miracle-RM30
buy set: RM55 

F for fascinating by salvatore ferragamo set
f for fascinating by salvatore ferragamo 5ml edt-RM35
lotion f for fascinating-RM30
buy set: RM55

Incanto bloom by salvatore ferragamo set
Incanto bloom by salvatore ferragamo 5ml edt-RM35
lotion incanto bloom RM30
buy set: RM55

Incanto heaven  by salvatore ferragamo set
Incanto heaven by salvatore ferragamo vial -RM10
lotion incanto bloom RM30
buy set: RM35

Empress Sean John set 
vial sean john empress -RM10
lotion sean john empress RM30
buy set RM35


CK free set
Miniature ck free 15ml edt-RM50
shower gel 50ml -RM20
buy SET -RM60

Dunhill london set
dunhill london shower get-RM20
vial dunhill london -RM10
buy set RM25 

Gucci guilty pour homme set
miniature gucci guilty pour homme 5ml edt- RM35
hair and body wash  50 ml -RM20
buy set RM50   

Sean john mini set
Sean John Unforgivable Shower Gel (M) 60ml-RM20
Unforgivable By Sean John EDT (M) 15ml (spray) -RM50
Buy set :RM60

 ralph polo explorer mini set
polo explorer 7ml edt-RM30
hair & body wash RM20
buy set RM45

 women &men
Gucci guilty (w) 5ml edp
Gucci guilty  pour homme (m) ml edt 
buy set RM60

212 carolina herrera (w) 5 ml
212  carolina herrera (m) 5 ml
buy set RM60

Givenchy lay for her 5ml edt
Givanchy play (m)5ml edt
buy set RM60

can refer to facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150378556776771.356893.122242826770&type=1

** more perfume set will be update - coach poppy , sean john women,paris hilton...keep update with us..

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