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Jul 28, 2011

Daisy Bloom Marc Jacobs *limited edition*

The third edition of 'Daisies' called Daisy Bloom  hit the market in February of 2009. This playful spring ouverture evokes joy and bright colors. Its light fragrant breeze enthralls us anticipating sunlight and lively colors we so desperately yearn for during cold winters.Daisy Bloom is a limited edition presented in the very same bottle once Daisy and Daisy Black Edition were, except for the joyful light green flower-shaped cap, its 'pistil' illuminated with gold. The black box is decorated and embellished with green flowers. Apart from the great packaging, the set comes with a surprise: various kinds of stickers you can decorate your perfume with! A lot of fun and a great way to show your creativity. Motifs such as butterflies, grass and flowers will look amazing on the lovely fragile bottle.

Marc jacob daisy bloom EDT (limited edition) 50ml
-2x ready stock  -

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