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May 17, 2011

Lacoste Perfume

Touch of Pink
is fragrance aimed at younger audience. The fragrance is energetic, feminine and joyous. The top reveals blood orange, coriander leaf, cardamom and peach, followed by jasmine, unexpected carrot, and spicy coriander note in the heart. The woodsy-musk base is softened with vanilla.

Lacoste Touch of Pink 15ml EDT (spray)

Lacoste Touch Of Pink 50ml
Lacoste Love of Pink 50ml


My Comment (Iza)
Smell young like teenagers...fruity -floral type of perfume...sweet and very girlish..
great for daily used.

Joy of Pink is ideal for young ladies and for women full of life and energy. Its zests are refreshing, awakening and exhilarating. The fragrance opens with bright and sparkling grapefruit aromas. A heart is challenging and exotic, just like some tasty cocktail of Blue CuraƧao enhanced with floral notes of peony. The composition closes with cedar and musk, which give a strong base to this light and gentle fragrance.
credit to fragantica.com

*latest* Lacoste Joy of Pink EDT 15ml (spray)

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