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Apr 28, 2010

* Hot Appearance *

Semua miniature di sini hanya tinggal satu sahaja lagi dlm stock Iza sekarang,
before i restock more miniatures by end of this week.
So to be fair to all customers, all reservation to get this miniature - kene guna order form.,
no sms yer...

Iza akan check sapa yang hantar dulu dan confirm utk payment..
Payment dlm masa 24 jam sebelum i release back utk org lain...
okey...Take fast action if u find your fav miniatures here...

DKNY Fresh Blossom 7ml (W) EDP -sold
DKNY Red Delicious (W) EDP 7ml- sold

Carolina Herrera (W) EDT 8ml -reserved
Carolina Herrera 212 (M) EDT 7ml- sold

L’Imperatrice 3: The Empress D&G EDT (W) 5ml -RM30
La Lune 18: The Moon D&G EDT (W) 5ml -RM30

d for Dunhill for Men EDT (M) 5ml -RM32

Escada Incredible Me EDP (W) 7.5ml- reserved
Escada Marine Groove EDT (W) 4ml -RM30
Escada Desire Me EDP (W) 7.5ml- reserved

Gucci Flora Perfumed Shower Gel 50ml-RM25
Flora by Gucci EDT (W) 5ml -sold
Gucci Flora Perfumed Body Lotion 50ml-reserved

buy all -RM80 only

LOLA by Marc Jacobs (w) EDP 4ml RM45
(additional 5 more miniatures of lola - ready stock by 29 April)
Marc Jacob Daisy (W) EDT 4m RM38
(additional 4 more miniatures of daisy - ready stock by 29 April)

Sarah Jessica Parker Covet (W) EDP 5ml -reserve
Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely (W) EDP 5ml RM29

Tommy Girl (w) cologne 7ml -RM38 RM35
Tommy (M) cologne 7ml -RM38 RM35

Versace Pour Homme (M) EDT 5ml -sold
Versace Pour Femme (W) EDT 5ml
- sold
Versace Versense (W) EDT 5ml -RM32
Versace Bright Crystal (W) EDT 5ml-reserve

Others miniature perfume boleh check dlm stock availability or can ask me to book....
Thank you!!

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