Iza Perfumeberry

Jan 3, 2010

5 reasons why i do recommend miniature perfume

1) Its mobile...we can put in our handbag,pocket, bring to office instead bring the big size becoz it miniature is lighter and small size..u can easily touch up your perfume n will smell great all the times...=)
2) As collection...some miniature is limited n it is so damn cute..
3) As a testing before want to buy big perfume either its is suitable /lasting with us
4) Affordable to buy...its cheaper but we can smell rich
5) With rm100, we can smell different types of scent/perfumes..


1 comment:

bluefroggie said...

yup, as a tester before we buy the big one.. regreat when i buy the big one sbb it doesnt suits me at all... cpt je bau ilang... ayoooo..