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Aug 10, 2009

How to Order

Orders can be made by:

Now you can used ORDER FORM (preferreble) to order


1) Kindly email me and state the followings:

Subject : Order of miniature perfume
Perfume & Quantity :
Your name :Contact Number :
Email :

2) Wait for my reply to confirm your order and price.
3) Upon confirmation, transfer funds into designated account stated.
3) Booking is only allowed for 3 days
4) Product will be delivered after payment is cleared.

Yahoo Messenger @ sms:
Orders can be made through
Yahoo! Messenger: perfumeberry@gmail.com
Or contact/sms me: 013-348 2134
1) SMS or YM me and state the perfume that u want to buy.
2) I'll reply to confirm stock availability and price
3) Booking is only allowed for 3 days
4) Payment instructions will be sent via SMS/YM.
5) SMS A.S.A.P once payment is done, provide payment details, name, HP number, email & address for postage.

Kindly attached your payment slip , reference number or attached email perfumeberry@gmail.com for us to check the payment.

We accept :


1 comment:

wirda said...

saya nak DKNY Be Delicious (W) EDP 7ml RM40,so kena bankin braper sumernya...im a follower...tq...