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Nov 10, 2011

Hermes Perfume

Kelly Caleche by Hermes 7.5ml Parfum RM40 
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Kelly Caleche attracts and seduces with its romantic mood and a fresh, luxurious trail of the composition. The small chain that hides this perfume inside its body can be hidden in your hand or purse and kept just for you. Reconstructed aromas of the first fragrance will enchant you with jasmine, mimosa, tuberose, iris, benzoin and discrete leather accords. Ladylike, youthful and aristocratic 

Hermes Eau Des Merveilles edt 7.5ml (dab-on) -RM35
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 Eau des Merveilles wraps us around its finger on a cloud of fancy. Imagined with an amber woody chord that rings up to the top notes, this fragrance, written by Ralph Schwieger and Nathalie Feisthauer, wins the bet to portray a sparkling femininity without a noticeable floral scent. Paradoxical, contrasted, intimate and delicate, a skin-deep infusion of happiness to savour.

Hermes Un Jardin Apres la Moussan Eau De Toilette 7.5ml dab on RM40 
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Un Jardin après la Mousson: created in 2008, it explores the facets of an unexpected India, when the monsoon restores to the earth what the sun has taken, chasing away the burning breath of drought. Ginger, cardamom, coriander, pepper and vetiver speak of the rebirth of nature captured in Kerala, a universe engorged with water.

Concentre d'Orange Verte by Hermes 7.5ml Edt RM40 
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 Eau d’orange verte: inspired by the odour of moist, rose-scented morning undergrowth, this fragrance has asserted itself as an emblem of Hermès ever since and is distinguished by its unique freshness. It was devised as a burst of citrus touches, with orange to the fore, amidst zests and leaves, lemon, mandarin, mint and blackcurrant buds. Its complexity is revealed in a unique vapor composed of oak moss and patchouli.

Terre d'hermes edt 5ml - RM35
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Terre d’Hermès is a metaphor for materials, a matrix that speaks of territory as well as matter, earth, and roots.This vertically structured scent is based on an alchemy of wood, the scent first introduces the gaity of orange, the bitterness of grapefruit and the vivacity of pepper and of fresh spices. This “vegetality” flirts with the mineral effect of flint and the coarseness of vetiver. Dominated by cedar, the fragrance goes deeper with the sweetness of resins and the impalpable voluptuousness of benzoin

Voyage d' hermes 5ml edt RM40

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