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Aug 4, 2010

Vial set (limited also)

D&G Fragrance Anthology Vials Set - Cute Pouch
Include :
1 - Le Bateleur,
3 - L'imperatrice,
6 - L'amoureux,
10 - La Roue De La Fortune,
18 - La Lune

RM 40 only

Harajuku Lovers Vial Set

Harajuku Lovers Love
Harajuku Lovers Lil Angle
Harajuku Lovers G
Harajuku Lovers Musics
Harajuku Lovers Baby

RM 40 only

The Lovely Collection by Sarah Jessica Parker
1)Dawn 1.2ml
2)Endless 1.2ml
3) Twilight 1.2ml

RM25 only

1 comment:

ynee said...

Hi....i really love the D&G Fragrance Anthology Vials Set...just came across this recently....do you still have stock for this?