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Aug 1, 2009

Choosing a Perfume

Your perfume preference speak volumes about you.

  • When buying a perfume, try applying the perfume to your skin and your pulse. You gauge the true reaction of the fragrance from your skin, and not from the bottle. Let it dry naturally. Allow the heat of your body to react with the perfume, and then smell it. Do not try more than three perfumes at once because this will decrease your nose's ability to differentiate between the perfumes.
  • Consider which parts of your personality you want to bring out with your new scent and think of the types of non-cosmetic fragrances you are naturally attracted to. For instance, if you love the smell of baking, you may want to choose a perfume containing vanilla, but if you love the smell of gardens, a floral perfume may be right for you. On the other hand, if you love the smell of beaches, an oceanic fragrance may be the best choice. Remember, different perfumes are better suited for different times of the day, different seasons, or different age groups. For instance, sensual Oriental fragrances containing amber and musk are better suited for the winter season, while a green perfume may be better suited for younger women and for daytime wear.
  • When applying perfume, avoid using it near your eyes or behind your ears. It doesn't last long on those areas and will only dry your skin. Apply the perfume on your pulse and behind the neck, and let it dry naturally. The heat of your body will react with the scent and it will emit a delightful smell. When you are using eau de perfume, toilette and cologne, you can spray or dab it on your skin. These fragrances are designed for use all over the body. Whatever type of fragrance you use, just don't overdo it. Do not put perfume directly on fabrics and jewelry. They can cause stains and discolorations on your clothes. The best is to apply perfume before dressing up.
  • To make the fragrance last longer, you can try layering. You can do this by using several products such as scented bath soap, body wash or bath oil, followed by body lotion or cream and dust with powder to set the fragrance. For night time use, try Eau de perfume rather than Eau de toilette. Eau de perfume is much deeper and it lasts longer. It will make your night more sensual. Avoid wearing strong perfume at work or in the office. Some people are allergic to strong smells and it causes headache and sometimes asthma attacks.
  • When storing your perfume, keep the bottle tightly capped in an upright position. It can turn rancid or evaporate if not capped tightly. It should be kept in a in a cool, dark area, away from the sun, preferably in a box. A cool, dark place will prolong the life of your perfume.

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